March 2017 Calendar

All shows are "free/donation to performers" unless otherwise noted.

  • 1st - 7pm
    Jeff Cleary Trivia Traditional Facts
  • 2nd - 8:30pm
    CPT NPT- Kyra Gordon + Full band(Jazz, soul, r&b)
  • 3rd - 9pm
    Conscious Contact (Jazz)
  • 4th - 6pm
    Holly Mead (Pianist, Jazz)
  •           9pm
    Solate-9pm (Soul,Indie, Folk)
  • 5th - CLOSED
  • 6th - 8:30pm
    Misery Index (Comedy) 21+
  • 7th - 8:30pm
    Live band Beatles Karaoke
  • 8th - 8:30pm
    Karina Denike and Friends (soul/jazz/rhythm and blues)
  • 9th - 8:30pm
    Scott Okamoto (Pianist, Jazz)
  • 10th - 9pm
    Project Pimento(Theremin jazz band)
  • 11th - 6pm
    Kyra Gordon-Singalong Saturdays - all ages welcome (piano)
  •           9pm
    Wes Leslie Album Release + Friends(Bedroom Soul)
  • 12th - doors 2:30pm
    show 3pm
    Another Man Out The Window + Friends (Rockbandland Benefit Show)
  • 13th - 5:30pm
    Vic Ruggiero (Folk, Blues)
  •           8pm
    From Shinola- 8pm (comedy) 21+
  • 14th - 8:30pm
    Odes (Instrumental Guitar sounds)
  • 15th - 9pm
    Ramrod Romeos (Jamin Barton & Doug Hilsinger)
  • 16th - 9pm
    Deep Space Trio (Jazz)
  • 17th - 9pm
    [HAPPY ST. PATTY?S DAY] Lee Vilensky Trio (Surf, Lounge)
  • 18th - 6pm
    Kyra Gordon-Singalong Saturdays - all ages welcome (piano)
  •           9pm
    Piwai and the Zimbabwe Mystics (Zimbabwean Fusion)
  • 19th - doors 6pm
    show 7pm
    Opera On Tap
  • 20th - 8:30pm
    Resistance is Futile (Comedy) 21+
  • 21st - 8:30pm
    12 String Roulette (Jazz duo+singer)
  • 22nd - 9pm
    Maldito Tango
  • 23rd - 7pm
    Star Trek Trivia hosted by Sean Olmstead and Bob Thayer (Benefit for Women?s Building)
  • 24th - 9pm
    Namorados da Lua (Bossa Nova)
  • 25th - 6pm
    Kyra Gordon-Singalong Saturdays - all ages welcome (piano)
  •           9pm
    Area Men(Reuben Rye piano, Kimo Ball bass, Scott Johnson drums)(Acoustic Punk/Pop)
  • 26th - TBA
  • 27th - 8:30pm
    Laughgasm (Comedy) 21+
  • 28th - 8:30pm
    Craig Ventresco (Ragtime, Tin Pan Alley)
  • 29th - 8:30pm
    Ted Savarese and Friends (Americana, Blues)
  • 30th - 8:30pm
    Silk Road Truckers(rock)
  • 31st - 9pm
    Amity Rose (Swingin, Vintage, Soul)

The Rite Spot Cafe features local bands, comedians and performers and supports the local music, art and comedy scene. Our music program is eclectic catering to our diverse clientele so you are just as likely to see Toshio Hirano singing Jimmy Roger's tunes as a 20's era Tin Pan Alley band The Frisky Frolics. Or local artist, musician and detective Mr. Lucky singing his quirky lounge tunes as you'd see Reuben Rye banging out instrumental versions of 80's post punk on our beautiful piano. Most shows start around 9:00 pm and are FREE unless otherwise noted. There is a $8.00 per person minimum during all free live performances.

We are a rare San Francisco luxury set in an unpretentious atmosphere.

"As soon as you enter the Rite Spot Café, it's apparent that this quaint Mission District hang is a cut above the other small dives in the area. It's the perfect combination of neighborhood bar and charming hideaway, with friendly-but-don't-fuck-with-me bartenders, white tablecloths, and an affordable, delectable menu of mostly Italian comfort food. But even with those charms, the strong suit of the place is the live entertainment; the setting frequently draws in some of the area's best musicians for free shows. The regular gigs on Sunday nights, when the rickety house piano at the front of the room is taken over by some of the most skilled singer/songwriters, make it an ideal room for listening. Aside from a little low conversation and the occasional clink of a glass, people are there to listen, and what they're listening to is top-notch."

San Francisco Bay Guardian
Best Listening Room

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