September 2007 Calendar

  • 1st - 9:00PM free
    Emily Anne's Hot Nuts
    Ramshackle Romeos (Jamin and Kevin Ink)

    Emily Anne is a hot nut with a voice that will kill you.

  • 2nd - 9:00PM free
    Chris Jones (solo)
    Jeffrey Luck Lucas
    Chris Jones and the High Life

    "Darkly gorgeous, unexpectedly uplifting, these nine slow-moving songs traverse desolate nighttime landscapes where conversations in road-houses and at neon-lit kitchen tables drift suddenly from trivialities to life-altering truth."

  • 3rd - 9:00PM free
    John Robb
  • 4th - 9:00PM free
  • 5th - 9:00PM free
    Patrick Simms
  • 6th - 9:00PM free
    Reuben Rye

    REUBEN RYE plays post punk piano...classic tunes from a while ago, done in solo instrumental piano style....Joy Division.... Echo & the Bunnymen...Pixies. ..Love & Rockets...Iron Maiden?? Have a pint and be the first at your table to name that tunes! Sing along if you know the lyrics, or even if you don't. Come for The Cure, stay for the Bad Brains.

  • 7th - 9:00PM free
    Dianne Nola

    Sprinkling '20s-'40s gems into her tasty mix, Dianne Nola is a singer-songwriter- pianist based in San Francisco. Though compared to Laura Nyro, Tori Amos and Eva Cassidy in both poetics, strength and soul, her blues and jazz roots make her music beyond categorization.

  • 8th - 9:00PM free
    Michael McIntosh/Karina Denike
    and Buffy Visick Piano with vocals

    Karina Denike (The Bluebelles, Stara Nova, Mixtape) will sing a selection of songs from the past and present with piano accompaniment by Michael McIntosh (The Cottontails) at the Rite Spot, everyone's favorite eatery/music venue. So come on down and listen to some heartbreakin' torch songs, tear-jerking classics and foot-stompin' originals . . from the lyrical and sublime to the lumbering and obtuse, these songs are guaranteed to move even the most obdurate tone-deaf cretin to paroxysms of unbridled delight. With Special Guests!!

  • 9th - 9:00PM free
    Marabelle Phoenix
    James Finch Jr.
    An Unfinished Women
  • 10th - 9:00PM free
    Patrick (solo piano)
  • 11th - 9:00PM free
    Lee Vilenski
    Tin Pan Alley
  • 12th - 9:00PM free
    The New Rite Spot All Stars
  • 13th - 9:00PM free
    Misipi Rider
  • 14th - 9:00PM free
    Miss Henry
    Jazz with vocals
  • 15th - 9:00PM free
    Octomutt and Friends
  • 16th - 9:00PM free
  • 17th - 9:00PM free
    Mike Burns (solo piano)
  • 18th - 9:00PM free
    Keattus Barns
  • 19th - 9:00PM free
    Jinx Jones Trio
  • 20th - 9:00PM free
    Frisky Frolics
    Tin Pan Alley
  • 21st - 8:30PM
    Michael McIntosh (solo piano)
  • 22nd - 9:00PM free
    The Hallflowers/Hazy Loper
  • 23rd - 8:00PM free
    Jeffrey Luck Lucas/Justin Frahm Birthday Hoot
  • 24th - 9:00PM free
    Tori Lena and Friends
  • 25th - 9:00PM free
    Tom Lunder
  • 26th - 9:00PM free
    Mike Chase
  • 27th - 9:00PM free
    Kitten on the Keys
    Burlesque Piano
  • 28th - 9:00PM free
    Richard (solo piano)
  • 29th - 9:00PM free
    Toshio Hirano
  • 30th - 8:00PM
    Pillars of Silence and TBA
  • 31th - 8:00PM

The Rite Spot Cafe features local bands, comedians and performers and supports the local music, art and comedy scene. Our music program is eclectic catering to our diverse clientele so you are just as likely to see Toshio Hirano singing Jimmy Roger's tunes as a 20's era Tin Pan Alley band The Frisky Frolics. Or local artist, musician and detective Mr. Lucky singing his quirky lounge tunes as you'd see Reuben Rye banging out instrumental versions of 80's post punk on our beautiful piano. Most shows start around 9:00 pm and are FREE unless otherwise noted. There is a $8.00 per person minimum during all free live performances.

We are a rare San Francisco luxury set in an unpretentious atmosphere.

"As soon as you enter the Rite Spot Café, it's apparent that this quaint Mission District hang is a cut above the other small dives in the area. It's the perfect combination of neighborhood bar and charming hideaway, with friendly-but-don't-fuck-with-me bartenders, white tablecloths, and an affordable, delectable menu of mostly Italian comfort food. But even with those charms, the strong suit of the place is the live entertainment; the setting frequently draws in some of the area's best musicians for free shows. The regular gigs on Sunday nights, when the rickety house piano at the front of the room is taken over by some of the most skilled singer/songwriters, make it an ideal room for listening. Aside from a little low conversation and the occasional clink of a glass, people are there to listen, and what they're listening to is top-notch."

San Francisco Bay Guardian
Best Listening Room

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